Zaruta Natural Hair Coiffure Project

Zaruta Natural Hair Coiffure Project 3

Zaruta Natural Hair Coiffure Project


Zaruta Natural Hair Coiffure Project

Here are some shots from the ongoing natural hair portrait series the Coiffure Project.
At the time Zaruta was a new model and she had the most hair I have ever seen.

Zaruta Natural Hair Coiffure Project


I shot these images with a wide angle Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D wide angle lens.
I was going through a Terry Richardson shooting style phase. I liked the slightly overexposed photos that he would shoot. They look so simple and real. I used cheap hot-shoe flash that was loaned to me by a friend. I photographed Zaruta on a plain white wall.

Zaruta was new to modeling so it was important for me to coach her through the process. It was necessary so that I could get the expressions that I wanted to achieve in the photos. I did this by instruction her to say her vowels while I was photographing her. A, E, I, O, U. The whole shoot was full of her saying the vowels and it really helped.

Free Thought, Rants, and Tangents

This was a fun shoot. A big part of learning how to create great photos is trying to replicate your idols. It is important to add something a little extra from yourself so that you are not completely ripping off someone else’s style. For me it was adding girls of color with lots of hair as apposed to super models and celebrities.

I learned a lot from this shoot and I was able to try out the A, E, I, O, U technique that I had read somewhere in the past. This is why its super important to keep learning from all places. You never know what tricks you can learn that me be applicable to your creative process.

Zaruta Natural Hair The Coiffure Project

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