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Paige Gary Fashion Portriat

Paige Gary Glenford Nunez Jamaya Moore Fashion Portrait

Paige Gary Fashion Portrait

This is a fashion portrait of Paige Gary. I met Paige on Instagram reached out to her and she agreed to come to Baltimore from NYC to work together. She is super down to earth and it was a fun time.


We shot this outside in between two buildings. The sun was shining hard so we found a spot where the light was not too intense.

I shot this with my Nikon D700 and the Nikon AF Nikkor 135mm f/2.8 AI-s manual focus lens. If you read my journal often then you already know that this is my favorite lens of all time. Haha!

I wanted the photo to be on the warmer side so I pushed my white balance to the max at 10000K(Kelvin).

Rants and Tangents

Understanding color temperature can assist with shooting your subjects better.

Paige Gary Fashion Portrait

Why Not Me. Coming Soon.

Never really sure what to call these. Portraits? Fashion portraits? Its really not fashion though. Well I guess its just a portrait then.

This is a photo from a short photo series that will be coming out next month in July. Will keep you posted.

This was shot with the 135mm which is turning into my favorite portrait lens of all time. Its a challenge to work with because it is manual focus but when you get it right the results are great.

Model Shamika Young.

Nikia Phoenix portrait by Glenford Nunez for Andre Walker Hair Natural Freckles

Nikia Phoenix Portrait for Andre Walker Hair

Nikia Phoenix portrait by Glenford Nunez for Andre Walker Hair Natural Freckles

Nikia Phoenix Portrait for Andre Walker Hair

I had to get my Macgyver on. I shot this in Los Angeles a few weeks ago with nothing but an old school house bulb. Sometimes you have to improvise.

The shoot was for Andre Walker Hair. The Andre Walker team hosted teatime for some naturals in the area. We like to do portraits at the end of these things but the teatime was being hosted in a boutique hotel. Boutique hotel means dim lights all the time. Hahaha. Fortunately we were able to find a room with all white decor. We used white curtains for the back drop and the lamp for the key light source. The goal was to use the light in a way that it did not cast a harsh shadow on the back drop.

The Process

I used a Fuji Film x100T and the monkey lamp. LOL

Rants & Tangents

I will never forget the lamp because the base of the lamp was in the shape of a white monkey. So we just called it the monkey lamp for the shoot.

So I went online to look for the monkey lamp. Apparently its one of those contemporary art pieces so the the price is outrageous to purchase a white monkey lamp. I thought it would look cool in my room but its all good. It can stay in the the monkey lamp store.

Nikia Phoenix Portrait for Andre Walker Hair

An award winning commercial photographer on the East Coast.