AfroPunk Brooklyn 2017

AfroPunk 2017 Portraits Black woman Glenford Nunez

AfroPunk Portraits

Here is a portrait of a young woman at AfroPunk 2017. 


I used the trusty FujiFilm X100T to get these images. If you are not careful there can be a little bit of lens distortion when taking close up portraits with the Fuji. It’t good to give yourself a little distance from the subject. You can crop the photo closer in post so you dont have to deal with distortion. I think the fuji is 16MP so you still get really clear images after a little bit of cropping.

For the last photo I used the on camera flash. I usually dont condone on camera flash unless its at night time. I think the on camera flash can look col in certain situations because it isolates the subject in a cool way. I use on camera flash at night events and at parties. I think it give the images a Bill Cunningham look and feel.

Rants & Tangents

I always enjoy attending AfroPunk. I think I have been there three times already including one time at AfroPunk Paris. AfroPunk Paris was different from Brooklyn but also a lot of fun. The festival as a whole has changed. It’s less underground. Less raw. I guess all things much change and evolve.

The Fuji gives me so much flexibility. Like, people don’t expect much from such a small camera so they are disarmed for a moment. I get a brief chance to capture the real essence of the person behind the mask. I think this is what portrait photography is all about.