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Why Not Me. Coming Soon.

Never really sure what to call these. Portraits? Fashion portraits? Its really not fashion though. Well I guess its just a portrait then.

This is a photo from a short photo series that will be coming out next month in July. Will keep you posted.

This was shot with the 135mm which is turning into my favorite portrait lens of all time. Its a challenge to work with because it is manual focus but when you get it right the results are great.

Model Shamika Young.

Jessica Brown Skin Model

Jessica Brown Skin Model

This is a photo I shot a while ago of Jessica Chibueze. She has been one of my favorite models to work with. Jessica is a super nice person and her skin tone is great. The light dances on her skin.


We shot this outside somewhere in downtown DC. It was in front of a building that was under construction. There was a black tarp hanging from the side of the building so I used this as the backdrop for the shoot. A security guard was watching us closely but it did not take a long time to get the shots I needed. Snapping the shutter only takes seconds once all of the pieces are in place. The son was in the perfect place and the model new how to move in front of the camera. We came away with a great portrait.

I shot this with my Nikon D700 and the Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D.
This is a great portrait lens but I have sold it because I have a 50mm that can achieve great results. I wanted to make room in my photo bag.

Rants and Tangents

I have worked with Jessica on many occasions for paid shoots but this was the first time we were able to work together for personal work.

We spent some time walking around the city looking for the perfect location. Usually I walk and talk with the model until they make an expression that catches me off guard or when the light hits them in a way that shocks me. If you are a photographer you know what feeling im talking about. That jolt of energy that shoots through your entire body the model and the light is perfect. I love the way that the sun is wrapping her brown skin.

We talked about life and photography and modeling and fashion and non profit organizations and humanitarian work. Jessica is very active in the humanitarian field. She does a lot of work in Africa.

Jessica Brown Skin Model

Sinmi Badero Natural Hair Portrait by Glenford Nuñez

Sinmidele Badero Portrait by Glenford Nuñez

Sinmi Badero Natural Hair Portrait by Glenford Nuñez

Sinmidele Badero Natural Hair Portrait by Glenford Nuñez

So an industry friend convinced me that I should do a photo class. Having a class has been on my mind for some time so her suggestion pushed me off the fence.

The idea was to create an open environment that people felt comfortable asking questions.
I didn’t want it to be a beginners class. Like, I didnt want to explain how a camera works. Aperture, shutter speed ISO lenses blah blah blah. I wanted to get into the next steps. Lighting, composition, model direction and all that good stuff. I also wanted to talk about the business side of photography but I learned that should be a completely separate class.

Sinmi was the model for the day.

The Process

I shot this with a Nikon D700 with a 135mm f/2.8 AI-S.
We used window light and the trusty circle reflector.

Rants & Tangents

Not really much to say about this shoot. We had a great model and we took pictures. LOL

I think there is a need for these types of classes. I will do a business side of photography class very soon. I think its important. I want to tell people about my challenges and the ups and downs of having a photography carer. I want to explain to them that ups and downs are the nature of the business. As a matter of fact owning a photography business is like a metaphor for life. Its never going to be perfect and things will go a lot smoother if you work with the flow instead of fighting against it.

Sinmidele Badero Natural Hair Portrait by Glenford Nuñez

Nikia Phoenix portrait by Glenford Nunez for Andre Walker Hair Natural Freckles

Nikia Phoenix Portrait for Andre Walker Hair

Nikia Phoenix portrait by Glenford Nunez for Andre Walker Hair Natural Freckles

Nikia Phoenix Portrait for Andre Walker Hair

I had to get my Macgyver on. I shot this in Los Angeles a few weeks ago with nothing but an old school house bulb. Sometimes you have to improvise.

The shoot was for Andre Walker Hair. The Andre Walker team hosted teatime for some naturals in the area. We like to do portraits at the end of these things but the teatime was being hosted in a boutique hotel. Boutique hotel means dim lights all the time. Hahaha. Fortunately we were able to find a room with all white decor. We used white curtains for the back drop and the lamp for the key light source. The goal was to use the light in a way that it did not cast a harsh shadow on the back drop.

The Process

I used a Fuji Film x100T and the monkey lamp. LOL

Rants & Tangents

I will never forget the lamp because the base of the lamp was in the shape of a white monkey. So we just called it the monkey lamp for the shoot.

So I went online to look for the monkey lamp. Apparently its one of those contemporary art pieces so the the price is outrageous to purchase a white monkey lamp. I thought it would look cool in my room but its all good. It can stay in the the monkey lamp store.

Nikia Phoenix Portrait for Andre Walker Hair

Pearl Fils-Aime Beauty Yellow Backdrop

Yellow background.

Pearl Fils-Aime by Glenford Nuñez Yellow background.

Pearl Fils-Aime Beauty Yellow Backdrop

Ok so here is a photo with Pearl Fils-Aime shot in ATL. This photo took me out of my normal color palette. I am a fan of dramatic lighting and shadows but we did something a little different on this shoot. Yellow. We shot yellow. I never shoot yellow. It’s really easy for yellow to look corny.

The Process

We shot this under a bridge. The light happened to be just right in Hotlanta. The wall of the bridge was covered in graffiti. Im not a fan of graffiti backdrops because I think they have been over shot. Also the multicolor backdrops can be distracting for the overall photo. In photography one rule of thumb I like to follow is to eliminate distractions. I fiercely cut distractions as much as I can.

We found a small patch of solid yellow on one of the walls and used that as our backdrop.

I used a FujiFilm X100T and sun light. I asked pearl to make sure that she was facing in the direction of the sun light.

Pearl is wearing minimal makeup -my favorite- with red lipstick and cool earnings.
I took many serious face photos but I think the background lent itself to a more happy expression.
Pearl has a great smile so it made sense to let that be the focal point of this photo.

Rants & Tangents

Pearl is a great model. She is beautiful -this is obvious- but she has a great personality and she is really great at taking directions. She wants the shoot to do well just as bad as I do. She is willing to go the extra mile. You can’t teach that.

Pearl Fils-Aime Beauty Yellow Backdrop

December 2013 Cover of PDN Magazine

Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover

Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover December 2013

Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover

Pitchfork Media hired me to photograph Janelle Monae for a web cover story. Some of the images I photographed for the Pitchfork article were later published by PDN Magazine.

The Process

I photographed the magazine cover photo with my FujiFilm x100s mirrorless camera. I have the silver model but I really want the all black edition.

I really like this camera because it is three times smaller and lighter than any of my Nikon DSLR cameras.

Sometimes it is hard for the subject to hear my directions  because the larger DSLR cameras create a barrier between me and the.

The smaller size of the FujiFilm X100s makes it easier to communicate with the person that I am photographing. I think that the photos come out better because there is a deeper connection made. The difference is like a face to face conversation versus a conversation through text messages.

Another great feature of the Fuji X100S is that it does not make any noise. This is a great feature  because the sound of the camera shutter can prompt subjects to change their expressions causing the photos to look unnatural.

I used the sun as my light source and and a round reflector for fill light.

Hair, makeup, and wardrobe were provided by Janelle Monae’s team. I must mention that her team was awesome because behind the scenes professionals don’t get enough love.

Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover

Rants & Tangents

I really enjoyed working with Janelle Monae because she is chill. She was quiet at first but she came alive when she stepped in front of the camera.

Sometimes (a lot of the time) celebrities arrive fashionable late to photo shoots. This means that I get less time to capture the shots. Fortunately, her management gave us more time to shoot.  I still had to get the shots really quickly but we got the job done!


Portrait of Natual Hair Model Diandra Rose by Glenford Nunez for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

African American Photography Smithsonian Cultural Expressions Glenford Nuñez

Portrait of Diandra Rose by Glenford Nuñez for the African American Photography Smithsonian Cultural Expressions Exhibit

Diandra Rose Natural Hair Portrait by Glenford Nuñez for the NMAAHC Cultural Expressions Exhibit

African American Photography Smithsonian Cultural Expressions

My natural hair portrait of Diandra Rose has been selected to be on permanent display for the NMAAHC. The photo will be used in their inaugural exhibition “Cultural Expressions” to open alongside the new African American History & Culture museum in 2016.

Update* Official Smithsonian opening African-American history museum Sept. 24, 2016

The Process

This photo was shot in under 60 minutes. We rented out a studio space for one hour so we had to get in and out as fast as possible. I used an Nikon D700 paired with the Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D Lens. We used natural light from the window to take this shot. Diandra is a great subject and she is effortless in front of the camera.

I used a portable white backdrop for the backdrop. I think I used a circle reflector but I don’t remember. I probably didn’t because there was a lot of light in the room.

My camera settings were shutter speed 1/100sec, aperture f/2.8 and ISO 400, RAW.

Ramblings, Rants, Tangents, and Free thought

Oprah gave $12 million to the museum!

“I am so proud of African American history and its contributions to our nation as a whole,” – Oprah

Me too Oprah, me too.

What if of President Obama shows up?

I am super excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity. It is crazy to think about how many people will see the photo. People from all over the world! The Smithsonian though!? I still cant believe it.

The photo will be on permanent display so it will probably outlive me. My children and hopefully my children’s children will be able to visit the museum and see all of the great works that will be there.

I cant wait to visit the African American Photography Smithsonian Cultural Expressions exhibit.

Also forgive me for the weird title. I have to SEO this post out. Sometimes that means keywords that don’t make sense in spoken or written language. It makes sense to the computer bots though so its all good.


Baltimore Uprising 2015 by Glenford Nunez

Baltimore Uprising 2015 by Glenford Nunez Bike Vs Armored Vehicle

Bike vs Tank.

Baltimore Uprising 2015 by Glenford Nunez All groups come together


Woman moved by prayer. DSCF0334




DSCF9985Baltimore City Marching Bands UniteDSCF0350DSCF0382



Baltimore Uprising 2015 by Glenford Nunez

I posted images of the Baltimore Uprising 2015 when the events were unfolding but I felt uneasy about sharing the images. I didn’t want to capitalize on the plight of the people. So I took them down.

I felt uneasy about the culprits of the media circus pitching their tents around me. I kept thinking to myself “Is this real life? Is this really happening” I knew that things hit the fan when Anderson Cooper from CNN news walked by.

A friend who saw the images convinced me to post them again.

The images you see here span two days after the “riots” (I use that term very loosely) happened.

I did a project with Aljazeera America entitled Life after Michael Brown I shared with them some of the same feelings that I have expressed in this post.


Diandra Rose Portrait

Diandra Rose Natural Hair Portrait

Diandra Rose Natural Hair Portrait

Believe in yourself.

Diandra Rose Natural Hair Portrait

Diandra is a great model and is a photographers dream. We have worked together before in the past. She loves the camera and she knows her best angles. She arrived to the studio photo shoot ready and all we had to do was snap the shutter.

The Proccess

We used natural light from the window. The windows were located behind me. I shot this image with a Nikon D700 with an Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D. The 85 is a great portrait lens but I sold it. I try to simplify my camera bag when I can but more about that later.

Ramblings, Rants, Tangents, and Free Thought

I have so many images in my archive that the world hasn’t seen. It is  time to start releasing it. I believe that we are all sent here to do that “thing”. The thing that makes us happy. Portrait photography is my thing.  Making images has always been in me. Make cool stuff and share it.

More on simplicity. If its not a definite yes then it is a definite no. I try my best to apply this mantra to all aspects of my life. This way of thinking is particularly helpful when you need to optimize your camera bag. I use the same equipment 85% of the time for all of my shoots. Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G, round reflector, and natural light.

If I use strobe lights it is typically an Alien Bee 800 flash head or a Profoto flash head (if I am renting equipment) paired with a large octabank light modifier. That’s it! No mas.

I also take my cue from studying top photographers. The great image makers have very simple setups. They are not bogged down by excess equipment. They know exactly how to make the image that they want to make with the gear that they have.  How may knives does a great chef need?

Diandra Rose Natural Hair Portrait

An award winning commercial photographer on the East Coast.