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AfroPunk 2017 Portraits Black woman Glenford Nunez

AfroPunk Brooklyn 2017

AfroPunk 2017 Portraits Black woman Glenford Nunez

AfroPunk Portraits

Here is a portrait of a young woman at AfroPunk 2017. 


I used the trusty FujiFilm X100T to get these images. If you are not careful there can be a little bit of lens distortion when taking close up portraits with the Fuji. It’t good to give yourself a little distance from the subject. You can crop the photo closer in post so you dont have to deal with distortion. I think the fuji is 16MP so you still get really clear images after a little bit of cropping.

For the last photo I used the on camera flash. I usually dont condone on camera flash unless its at night time. I think the on camera flash can look col in certain situations because it isolates the subject in a cool way. I use on camera flash at night events and at parties. I think it give the images a Bill Cunningham look and feel.

Rants & Tangents

I always enjoy attending AfroPunk. I think I have been there three times already including one time at AfroPunk Paris. AfroPunk Paris was different from Brooklyn but also a lot of fun. The festival as a whole has changed. It’s less underground. Less raw. I guess all things much change and evolve.

The Fuji gives me so much flexibility. Like, people don’t expect much from such a small camera so they are disarmed for a moment. I get a brief chance to capture the real essence of the person behind the mask. I think this is what portrait photography is all about.




Paige Gary Glenford Nunez Jamaya Moore Fashion Portrait

Paige Gary Fashion Portriat

black woman model fashion portrait Paige Gary Fashion Portrait

This is a fashion portrait of Paige Gary. I met Paige on Instagram reached out to her and she agreed to come to Baltimore from NYC to work together. She is super down to earth and it was a fun time.


We shot this outside in between two buildings. The sun was shining hard so we found a spot where the light was not too intense.

I shot this with my Nikon D700 and the Nikon AF Nikkor 135mm f/2.8 AI-s manual focus lens. If you read my journal often then you already know that this is my favorite lens of all time. Haha!

I wanted the photo to be on the warmer side so I pushed my white balance to the max at 10000K(Kelvin).

Rants and Tangents

Understanding color temperature can assist with shooting your subjects better.

Paige Gary Fashion Portrait


An award winning commercial photographer on the East Coast.