Awar Mou Fashion Portrait Glenford Nunez

Awar Mou shot by Glenford Nunez

Awar Mou Fashion Portrait

Here is a portrait of Awar Mou of Red Models.


This was shot in a studio with the 85mm. I recently got my 85mm back after I had sold it a few years ago. The lens is a beast. Not sure why I got rid of it. Maybe its because I have been using the 135mm but that lens has since fallen out of my favor.

I used one strobe light with a small soft box light modifier attached. The light was set to the lowest power possible. I didn’t want to flood the photo with too much light. I don’t remember the brand name but it may have been Profoto but I am not sure. I guess it really doesn’t matter. I used one circular reflector for a little bit of bounce.

Rants & Tangents

I am really happy with the results of this photo. It’s among my top favorite portraits of all time. I think that everything came together for the shoot. Starting with the model. Awar is one of the sweetest most kind hearted people I have ever met. Her energy is infectious. She knows how to put on the model face when the lights are on but in between frames she is all smiles and laughter.




Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover

Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover December 2013

Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover

Pitchfork Media hired me to photograph Janelle Monae for a web cover story. Some of the images I photographed for the Pitchfork article were later published by PDN Magazine.

The Process

I photographed the magazine cover photo with my FujiFilm x100s mirrorless camera. I have the silver model but I really want the all black edition.

I really like this camera because it is three times smaller and lighter than any of my Nikon DSLR cameras.

Sometimes it is hard for the subject to hear my directions  because the larger DSLR cameras create a barrier between me and the.

The smaller size of the FujiFilm X100s makes it easier to communicate with the person that I am photographing. I think that the photos come out better because there is a deeper connection made. The difference is like a face to face conversation versus a conversation through text messages.

Another great feature of the Fuji X100S is that it does not make any noise. This is a great feature  because the sound of the camera shutter can prompt subjects to change their expressions causing the photos to look unnatural.

I used the sun as my light source and and a round reflector for fill light.

Hair, makeup, and wardrobe were provided by Janelle Monae’s team. I must mention that her team was awesome because behind the scenes professionals don’t get enough love.

Janelle Monae PDN Magazine Cover

Rants & Tangents

I really enjoyed working with Janelle Monae because she is chill. She was quiet at first but she came alive when she stepped in front of the camera.

Sometimes (a lot of the time) celebrities arrive fashionable late to photo shoots. This means that I get less time to capture the shots. Fortunately, her management gave us more time to shoot.  I still had to get the shots really quickly but we got the job done!