Pearl Fils-Aime Beauty Yellow Backdrop

Yellow background.

Pearl Fils-Aime by Glenford Nuñez Yellow background.

Pearl Fils-Aime Beauty Yellow Backdrop

Ok so here is a photo with Pearl Fils-Aime shot in ATL. This photo took me out of my normal color palette. I am a fan of dramatic lighting and shadows but we did something a little different on this shoot. Yellow. We shot yellow. I never shoot yellow. It’s really easy for yellow to look corny.

The Process

We shot this under a bridge. The light happened to be just right in Hotlanta. The wall of the bridge was covered in graffiti. Im not a fan of graffiti backdrops because I think they have been over shot. Also the multicolor backdrops can be distracting for the overall photo. In photography one rule of thumb I like to follow is to eliminate distractions. I fiercely cut distractions as much as I can.

We found a small patch of solid yellow on one of the walls and used that as our backdrop.

I used a FujiFilm X100T and sun light. I asked pearl to make sure that she was facing in the direction of the sun light.

Pearl is wearing minimal makeup -my favorite- with red lipstick and cool earnings.
I took many serious face photos but I think the background lent itself to a more happy expression.
Pearl has a great smile so it made sense to let that be the focal point of this photo.

Rants & Tangents

Pearl is a great model. She is beautiful -this is obvious- but she has a great personality and she is really great at taking directions. She wants the shoot to do well just as bad as I do. She is willing to go the extra mile. You can’t teach that.

Pearl Fils-Aime Beauty Yellow Backdrop

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