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Lily Lightbourn Natural Hair Portrait

Lily Lightbourn Natural Hair Portrait

Lily Lightbourn Natural Hair Portrait Glenford Nunez

Lily was one of the first models that I photographed for the The Coiffure Project. Lily is a great model and she moves very well in front of the camera. Lily’s eyes stood out to me when I was searching through the comp cards that her agency sent. Since this image I have worked with Lily on many different occasions.

This was a simple shoot with a simple lighting setup. I used a beauty dish and a reflector. This shoot (like most test shoots) was experimental. At the time, I was obsessed with the work of Terry Richardson and I was trying to imitate his look. I know that you can never successfully copy someone else’s work but you can make a lot of great discoveries in the process. All of the great artists started by trying to copy the masters before until they developed their own voice.

One trick I learned is to pop the lenses out of glasses when photographing them because the glass always has a reflection. Sometimes the refection can be distracting to the overall photo.

Lily Lightbourn Natural Hair Portrait by Baltimore portrait photographer Glenford Nunez. Specializing in natural hairstyle pictures of black women with curly hair.

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