La Habana Cuba Glenford Nunez

La Havana Cuba

Colorful street in La Habana

Alleyway in Cuba. People live back there.

Vintage cars havana cuba

Two vintage cars in La Habana Cuba parked near a pre revolution park.

Two women eating at a garage that has been converted into a cafe. I ate at this place everyday. The food was tasty and only cost $1.50 USD For a large serving of fried fish sweet potatoes and Arroz Moro (rice and red beans).

Teens tightrope walking across a ledge to get to the local swimming spot.

Kids playing soccer in a pre revolution fountain. One kid sits on top of the fountain column and watches from above.

Green vintage cuba car

Vintage car being towed away after collision.

La Habana Cuba Glenford Nunez

Old cement buildings on the Malecón in La Habana Cuba.

La Havana Cuba

I went to Cuba cause I needed a change of scenery. I booked a ticket and a few weeks later I was in La Habana. Here is what I saw.

The Process

I used my iPhone X for all of the shots. Post production was done with snap seed. The iPhone cameras are very powerful tools. The best part is that it can fit in my pocket. I am very self conscious about carrying around a camera. Other people are self conscious about me carrying a camera. I want to catch the real deal and its a lot easier to do with the iPhone.  Also, I didn’t want to look like complete tourist so  not having a huge camera around your neck helps.

The biggest thing that I did was follow the light. I got up every morning before sunrise and just walked in a new direction everyday for five days. When the sun got too crazy I would retreat to my hotel where I chilled out and when the sun started to set I would go back out.  Its all about the the light. I spent all my time chasing the light.

Rants & Tangents

There is so much to say about La Habana. Im not even sure where to start. There is a lot of myth that surrounds Cuba. I will update this post regularly as I get new thoughts about my visit.

For the most part I was able to walk around Cuba without anyone noticing that I was a tourists until I was required to speak.

For some reason my photo edits done in Snapseed kept reseting. I am not sure if it was because snap seed needs an internet connection to save the information. It was a little frustrating to keep editing the images over and over again so I created a filter. I hope Snapseed fixes this soon.







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