EmoniBarakaNaturalHairGlenfordNunezNehemi-Sejour-Natural-Hair-Glenford-Nunez-TheCoiffureProjectNatural Hair photoNatural Hair photoNatural Hair PortraitNikesha-Riley-Natural-Hair-Glenford-Nunez-Portriat-The-Coiffure-ProjectNikesha-Riley-Natural-Hair-Glenford-Nunez-Portriat-The-Coiffure-Project-2Nikesha-Riley-Natural-Hair-Glenford-Nunez-Portriat-The-Coiffure-Project-3Nikesha-Riley-Natural-Hair-Glenford-Nunez-Portriat-The-Coiffure-Project-4Natural Hair Photo The Coiffure Project ZarutaZaruta-Natural-HairZaruta-Natural-HairZaruta-Natural-HairYoko Bubble Natural Hair Portrait The Coiffure ProjectYoko Laughing Natural Hair Portrait The Coiffure ProjectYoko Serious Natural Hair Portrait The Coiffure Project

"We've been completely enamored with Glenford Nunez's ongoing "Coiffure Project" -- portraits of women modeling their glorious crowns of natural hair. ..." - The Huffington Post

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