Natural Hair photo

Ashley Pratt MiCA Coiffure Project Natural Hair

Ashley Pratt MiCA Coiffure Project Natural Hair

Ashley Pratt MiCA Coiffure Project Natural Hair

These are photos of Ashley Pratt in the first MiCA Art Building on the Maryland Institute College of Art campus for the Coiffure Project.


I shot this with a wide angle Nikon AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D. I did this because I wanted to capture the great architecture. The 20 mm is really good for two things. Shooting events and parties were space is limited or when your are photographing a person in a beautiful space.

With the 20mm you can focus on the model and still capture the environment with ease. Its important to frame your shot well because the 20mm is super wide and its really easy to get distractions things in the shot.

One mantra I follow in photography is focus and simplicity. This means I choose my subject, figure out what I want the image to say, then eliminate everything that does not help the message. Eliminate all distractions. This includes objects, people, distracting colors and shapes, and light sources. This can also mean eliminating less obvious things like too much white or blank space, objects that can throw off balance and harmony, and lines that point away from the subject. Maybe I will make a post about this one day.

The photos were captured using the ambient light of the building.

Rants, Tangents, and Ramblings

Ashely was attending MiCA at the time so we were able to get access to the building. I think it was my first time in there so I went nuts! The space is so beautiful.  Marble steps and walls and statues. All marble everything.

We used the natural sky light of the building.  The older buildings always have these great skylights. Why don’t they make buildings with skylights anymore? Forget electricity. Artificial lights cause depression. I have no science to back this up but humor me.

The architecture in the is building was so cool. I think her natural hair against the gold and marble was a cool contrast. These photos bring back memories because Ashley has since then cut all of her hair off. I hardly recognize her in these photos.

Change? Hair? Identity? Is our hair our identity? Is hair a metaphor for the human condition. We can try to change who we are but eventually the hairs of our personality will grow back. Or maybe it is that the new hair grows back healthier and stronger than before. Please forgive me for the bad poetry. Haha!

Ashley Pratt MiCA Coiffure Project Natural Hair

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