Ashley Irving Portrait

Ashley Irvin Portrait

Ashley Irvin Portrait

Ashley Irvin Portrait

Test shoot portrait of Ashley Irvin from Ford Models. This was the fist time working with Ashley and I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. Working with a Ford agency model was intimidating at first but the shoot went great. Hair was done my Chicara Johnson and the makeup was done by Meagan Shea. Ashley Irvin Portrait Photography.


I think I used a large Paul C. Buff soft-box for this shoot. The soft-box served more like a accent light because the studio space had really large 10+ foot windows. The light was coming in from the models left, my right. I try my best to use natural light when I can. Natural light wraps around the subject in a different way especially for women of color. The sunlight reacts with the skin in a beautiful way. I think there was a bounce panel on the models right side, my left but I don’t really remember. All that being said. The overall setup was very simple.

I used my Nikkor 50mm 1.4G which is great for portraits. I only really use two lenses. The 50mm and a 20mm for shooting in tight spaces. I will use the 20mm when covering an event. I don’t use zoom lenses. I like to be right in the thick of things  but I digress.

We shot this on a large white backdrop. I forget the exact size of the paper but it was mad wide.

Rants & Tangents

Ashley was great in front of the camera. She had great studio etiquette and she knew her angles.  The great work by the beauty team is what took this shoot to another level. It was one of those days that everything flowed. It was one of those days that give you survivors guilt. Is this life? Life cant be this simple. Life is that simple when you are doing what you love.

On a side note I really miss that studio space. The goal is to get back in there before later. Listening to that new Kanye and Kendrick NO MORE PARTIES IN L.A 2016 while im updating this post. Fuego!



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